Enjoy the Best Selection of Scratch Cards Available in South Africa

When something so simply offers something so much, it really is an opportunity to grasp with both hands. Within the leading online casinos in South Africa, there is a game that is easy to play, comes in diverse styles and rewards players with life-changing payouts. Welcome to the world of scratch cards.

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Introducing you to scratch cards in South Africa

Scratch Cards

For many players, not just in South Africa, but across the entire planet, scratch cards are a game which brings much joy. They are indeed the easiest of any game to play and because of their odds, they are one of the most favourable.

The introduction of scratch card games was introduced many decades ago, long before the National Lottery service. They were used as coupons for prizes inside of supermarkets and other forms of commerce as learnt us https://www.onlinecasinoguidesa.co.za/online-scratch-cards.html. When the lottery began, the scratch card became a side treat for players, often found on the payment counters of shops which made them fully accessible and in the public eye.

Scratch card operators such as Lotto Star has brought scratch cards tickets to the masses in South Africa and boasts various types of cards as can be found on their page lottostar.co.za/scratchcards/games/. As times have changed, there are now scratch cards online, providing the same thrills and rewards.

The online scratch card is now the dominant lottery game online, this is because unlike the ones in the shops, there is a consistent jackpot to win.

The benefits of playing with online scratch cards

Scratch games are hugely popular online and if you have not yet played on, then this is how they work.

Just like the traditional card format, you have a panel of symbols or cash amounts which are hidden. The object of the game is to land 3 matching icons that are linked to a prize value. You simply remove the panel to reveal the icons and that’s it, you win or lose. There are many different styles and themes, you set the wager amount to play, the higher you buy the more you can win. Some games come with more than just the one basic scratch game on it.

Because the games are online, players will have a jackpot that is always winnable. The downside to the scratch card games on the high street was that if the jackpot was won from a card, there was no way of knowing unless you checked online first before going to the shop to buy that specific scratch card.

What this means was people would willing buying a product that may have very little value to it, even if all the major prizes had been won, the tickets would remain on sale giving players false hope of winning something substantial.

This is where online scratch games excel, the prizes remain consistent. If a hundred people win the jackpot on one day, the jackpot will be there the next. You are never in any position where what you put into play cannot be won.

The other benefit is, of course, the convenience of playing online. The games are all compatible with every device, so if you find yourself bored on the bus, just join one of the many top casinos in South Africa and play scratch card games whilst on your journey.

Another key benefit is the prize values. Because the Internet is now the hub of all things related to betting. The popularity of a site pushes in more money into the games, this boosts the jackpot sizes and this, in turn, encourages more players, the more players you have, the more consistent the jackpots are. And the jackpots through online scratch cards are available in the sum of millions!

Now, what if we told you, you could get free scratch cards?!

Experience South African scratch cards from the best casinos online

When it comes to the option of scratch cards South Africa, you need to have the best online casinos behind you. Through our guide, you can acquire the best sites to join for scratch card games, but you can also get yourself free to play scratch games.

Through these casinos, you are able to enjoy a number of free online casino bonuses, these make the games eligible to play for free and they will payout rand payments that you can keep.

Experience a huge range of different options in the section of scratch cards and play with your eyes closed, quite literally, the games are that simple.

Be sure that you read the bonuses before you use them, as they will stipulate which scratch card games are eligible, but often they are all valid, not all casinos are the same so it’s best to check to be sure.