Enjoy the Best Selection of Scratch Cards in Canada

Within the leading online casinos in Canada, there is a game that is easy to play, comes in diverse styles, and rewards players with life-changing payouts. The exciting world of scratch cards have had a digitalised makeover, expanding the opportunities for players when playing scratch cards in Canada on online casino sites.

Welcome to the world of scratch cards!

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The Popularity of Scratch Cards in Canada

Considering how common scratch tickets in Canada are nowadays, it’s surprising to think the introduction of Canadian scratch tickets only began in the 1970’s. Before Canadian scratch tickets were popular, the most accessible form of gambling was the traditional lottery. Nowadays, Canada has three major lotteries to play, the most popular being Lotto MAX, where the jackpots start at $10 million Canadian Dollars, compared to Lotto 6/49’s main jackpot which starts at $5 million. The Daily Grand offer a jackpot of $1000 a day for life. You can find all Lotto games and results in Canada on the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s website here at wclc.com.

Is It Possible to Play Online Scratch Cards?

People who play Canadian scratch tickets know that it’s a game that brings excitement and anticipation. They are indeed the easiest of any game to play, and because of their odds, they are one of the most favourable to possibly scratch and win online. It’s easy to see how the accessibility of buying Lotto tickets in shops paved the way for the success of Canadian scratch tickets, where they are most often found close to the payment counters.

You might be wondering what are the best scratch tickets to buy Canada has to offer? Although many people still choose to buy physical scratch cards in Canada, it’s now possible to scratch and win online. Keep reading to see the advantages of online scratch tickets over physical scratch tickets further below.

Why Do people Like Playing Online Scratch Tickets?

Play online scratch cards are hugely popular due to the simplicity of the rules. For those who haven’t tried it out yet, here is how they work.

Just like the traditional Canadian scratch tickets format, you have a panel of hidden symbols or cash amounts. The object of the game is to match three of the same icons, which will be linked to a prize value. You simply remove the panel to reveal the icons. And…that’s it! You instantly find out if you win or lose!

Winnable Jackpots

One of the biggest benefits of playing online scratch tickets is that because the games are online, players will have a jackpot that is always winnable! This is the opposite for physical scratch cards in Canada. If the jackpot has been won from a card, you wouldn’t know unless you checked online before going to the shop to buy that specific Canadian scratch ticket.

This potentially means that even if all the major prizes have been won, the scratch cards in Canada would remain on sale giving players false hope of winning something substantial. This is where online scratch tickets excel as the prizes remain consistent. If a hundred people win the jackpot on one day, the jackpot will be there the next. It’s safe to say physical tickets aren’t the best scratch tickets to buy Canada has to offer in 2021.

Convenience and Prize Values

Of course, we must mention the convenience of playing online. You will find the online scratch cards in Canada are optimized for every device, so whether you want to play on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you’ll always have a high-quality experience. Another benefit to playing online than for people who buy Canadian scratch tickets, is that it’s possible to lose your ticket if you do win. There’s nothing more frustrating than misplacing a winning ticket. Therefore, it’s undoubtably better to have the chance to scratch and win online.

Another key benefit is the prize values. When you play online scratch tickets on top online casinos in Canada, the popularity of a site pushes more money into the games which in turn boosts the jackpot sizes. In addition, when you play online scratch cards, most casinos will offer bonuses to new players.

Now, what if we told you, you could get free scratch cards?

How to Play Free Scratch Tickets

It’s absolutely possible to play free scratch tickets online as a way to have fun and not break the bank. Many online casinos are offering players the chance to play free scratch tickets online to experience the fun at no cost to the player. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to keep your winnings from the free scratch tickets, however it’s a great way to play without the risks. Playing free scratch tickets from licenced online casinos will ensure you have an authentic experience.

If you’re ready to make the switch to play for real money, keep reading to find the best sites to play online scratch cards.

Where to Find Real Money Online Scratch Tickets in Canada

When it comes to the option of scratch cards in Canada, you need to have the best online casinos behind you. Through our guide, you can find the best sites to join for scratch card games. Scratch cards in Canada operators, such as Online Scratch Cards Canada have brought scratch cards tickets to the masses in Canada and boasts various types of cards. Through these operators, you can enjoy different styles and themes. You can relax as the hard work finding a top casino has already been done for you. If you're looking for an online casino elsewhere, read out review on Punt Casino.

Do You Get Options with Scratch Cards from Online casinos?

You can experience a huge range of options from online casinos when you play online scratch tickets. Have peace of mind while playing scratch cards in Canada as all the online casinos from Online Scratch Cards Canada are licenced, legitimate, and safe to play on.

Be sure that you read the bonuses before you use them, as they will stipulate which scratch card games are eligible, but often they are all valid. However, not all casinos are the same so it’s best to check to be sure.